Our Team

We have your back.

Our Team

We have your back.


Allen R. Lueking


Dr. Allen R. Lueking is a graduate of Purdue School of Veterinary Medicine. He practiced Veterinary Medicine full time in Sullivan and Linton, Indiana for 42 years before retiring. He has practiced part-time since retirement and still enjoys working with his patients and clients. Presently, Dr. Lueking is a founder and Board member of the Humane Society of Sullivan County, Indiana. He donates spays and neuters on a regular basis.

Dr. Lueking has five children, ten grandchildren and two rescue dogs.

Fun Fact: Whenever he is not in the room with a patient, you will find Dr. Lueking with an open book, researching and widening his horizons with more veterinary knowledge.

Mike Bailey


Dr. Mike Bailey has been practicing large and small animal veterinary medicine for over 20 years. He graduated from the University of Illinois in 2001. Since then, he worked in several clinics across the United States. He is licensed in five states, including Alaska, where he once darted a wild yak! He has been with Robinson Hospital for Animals since 2015.

Dr. Bailey is married and has three children. Due to allergies in the home, they confine their animal family to pet fish. Besides spending time with his family, Dr. Bailey loves to travel and enjoys hunting and fishing, not in his own aquarium of course!

Fun Fact: Dr. Bailey has an identical twin that is 18 minutes younger. During their grade school years, they had fun shooting off bottle rockets while watching their dog chase after them, sometimes catching them before they exploded – ouch!

Rachel Seals


Dr. Seals studied at the University of Illinois, College of Veterinary Medicine where she graduated in 2017. She earned two scholarships from the Southern Illinois Veterinary Medical Association as well as the Dr. Walter L. and Mary Lou Fehrenbacher Scholarship. Dr. Seals grew up in a farm family where the care of animals was a big part of her life from day one. She carried that appreciation of animals into her adult life, marrying a farmer and raising cattle while caring for her two children, and not to forget her dogs Benelli and Lil’ Ann, and cat Mittens! A mutual veterinary-client-patient relationship where the owner and veterinarian can work together to advocate for what is best for the pet is very important to Dr. Seals. In her own words, “Veterinarians love your pets just like our own. Each and every animal leaves an impact on our hearts, and we are here for you every step of the way.” Fun fact: Dr. Seals grew up on the racetrack (but not for horses!). Her family were dirt track racers and it was not uncommon to see her trackside with a stopwatch recording laps for her dad and siblings. Dr. Seals’ kiddos are already talking about racing and building their own sprint cars with dad and papaw!

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

– Maya Angelou

Veterinary Technician

Ashley Plummer

Veterinary Technician

Ashley Plummer started her journey with Robinson Hospital for animals in 2006 as a part-time receptionist. She worked in this role until 2008 when she graduated high school and went off to Shawnee Community College to become a veterinary technician. Ashley returned “home” in 2011 as a full-time vet tech and has been here since.

Ashley combined her love for animals on a professional and personal level: She has seven cats, three dogs, six chickens, two pigs and seven horses. Ashley is married and mother of two boys and a girl. Her family loves horse riding, camping, traveling for her daughter’s softball team and attending horse shows and auctions.

Fun Fact: Although most her animals are female, she has to handle quite a bit of testosterone at home. A girl’s day with her daughter is the perfect solution: iced coffee, shopping, and Italian food for the win!

Ricki Brinkman

Veterinary Technician

Ricki Brinkman has been working at Robinson Hospital for Animals since 2010. She has worked in every position except for office manager and veterinarian. Ricki started at the hospital when she was still in high school and has been here ever since. She always wanted to work with animals and is passionate about helping them.

Her keenness for animals extends well into her home life: Ricki practically runs a zoo! She has 2 boys (human), a potbelly pig named Peppy, five horses, four dogs, seven cats, one rabbit, and 22 chickens. When Ricki can get away from her farm, she loves going “horse camping” with her boys and soon-to-be husband, and her horses obviously!

Fun Fact: Ricki has a pet cow name MooMoo. When she was just a calf she was not supposed to survive, but Ricki nursed her back to health by administering medicine and bottle feeding her! She is living her best life now on Ricki’s farm and loves head-butting everything!

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.”

– Leo Buscaglia

Kennel Technician

Jasmine Escobedo

Kennel Technician

Jasmine Escobedo is the newest member of our team. She graduated from Robinson Highschool in 2020. She works part-time as kennel technician, but the hospital is not new turf for her: Jasmine volunteered for a year and got to know the hospital, staff, clients, and patients. Jasmine has worked at several restaurants before opting to be around animals again.

Jasmine loves to paint and draw and during the summer months Jasmine plays travel softball for a team called Extreme. She loves walking her dogs and playing fetch with them at the ballpark, showing off her mad skills!

Fun fact: One of her dogs, Osie, is fluent in Spanish! He will sit, lay down, jump, and shake for you if you are familiar with the English or Spanish language. Bilingualism is possible across various species!

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

Practice Manager

Kristin Drisko

Practice Manager

Kristin Drisko joined the team at Robinson Hospital for Animals in March of 2021 as practice manager. She had been working in retail management for over ten years. For the past year Kristin has been taking online classes to become a registered veterinary technician to eventually pursue a career in the veterinary medicine field. As they say, it was a twist of fate that she found Robinson Hospital for Animals!

Kristin’s managerial duties do not stop there: she is married with a son and takes care of two dogs and two cats at home. Kristin is originally from Germany hence in her free time she likes to video chat with her family back home.

Fun Fact: Kristin and her husband are raising their son to be bilingual, although dad does not speak German. Watch out, dad – they might be ganging up on you!

“We are more often frightened than hurt; and we suffer more from imagination than from reality.”

– Seneca

Client Care Specialist

Tosha Cafin

Client Care Specialist

Tosha Cafin has worked a few different jobs before she entered the medical field. She is a certified pharmacy technician and phlebotomist. Although sticking people with needles for a living for almost two years was fun, she decided that a change of scenery was in order. Tosha joined the team at Robinson Hospital for Animals in 2016 as a full-time client care specialist.

Tosha is married and has two daughters. She is also mom to four German shepherds, a chihuahua mix and four cats. In her free time, she enjoys rollerblading with her girls… the humans, not the female dogs!

Fun Fact: Tosha grew up with a pet bear named Elroy – yes, an actual black bear!