Ricki Brinkman has been working at Robinson Hospital for Animals since 2010. She has worked in every position except for office manager and veterinarian. Ricki started at the hospital when she was still in high school and has been here ever since. She always wanted to work with animals and is passionate about helping them.

Her keenness for animals extends well into her home life: Ricki practically runs a zoo! She has 2 boys (human), a potbelly pig named Peppy, five horses, four dogs, seven cats, one rabbit, and 22 chickens. When Ricki can get away from her farm, she loves going “horse camping” with her boys and soon-to-be husband, and her horses obviously!

Fun Fact: Ricki has a pet cow name MooMoo. When she was just a calf she was not supposed to survive, but Ricki nursed her back to health by administering medicine and bottle feeding her! She is living her best life now on Ricki’s farm and loves head-butting everything!